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Guangdong Tidakang Medical Technology Co., Ltd.



Tel: 0760-8638 2845
Fax: 0760-8638 2855
Zip code: 528463
Address: Building 1, 4 and 5, No. 30, Jinhong Road, Pingnan Village
Industrial Zone, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province



1. The core of the corporate culture of Guangdong Tidakang Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

is integrity management and people-oriented.

2. The company advocates the enterprise spirit of "honesty, pragmatism, efficiency and unity",

and always adheres to the enterprise purpose of "healthy people, benefit the country and the people,

honest management, strive for win-win", actively enterprising, continuous innovation,

and make a modest contribution to the medical cause of mankind!

3. Enterprise Quality Policy "Product Innovation, Customer Satisfaction, First-class Quality Industry Leadership"

The connotation of quality policy is:

(a) Product innovation: to engage in technological development, design and customer service of products

with innovative thinking, and to meet the growing needs of customers and the market with excellent


B) Customer Satisfaction: Set up a customer-centered service concept, understand customer requirements

timely and accurately, create value for customers through our products and services, provide high-quality

products in line with international and domestic regulations and quality standards, meet high-quality

products, and make customers satisfied.

C) First-class quality: continuously improve product quality and produce the best medical silica gel products

in the industry.

D) Industry Leadership: Continuously develop new products, constantly improve the production technology

level, product after-sales service level, maintain the technical advantages, product advantages and service

advantages of medical silica gel products industry, become the industry leader.

4. Company Talent Idea

1. Honesty, trustworthiness, cooperation and progress

The company uses "moral first" to measure talents and adheres to the principle of "virtue without talent,

its virtue can be used, talent without virtue, its talent is difficult to use".

2. Growing up Together and Pursuing Excellence

A person's progress is not progress, but collective progress is real progress. The company encourages

every employee and company to grow together and surpass themselves.

3. Employment and stimulation of potential

The company emphasizes "person-post matching" - arranging the right person to the right place, and

giving each employee a career stage, encouraging the employee to develop vertically and horizontally,

so as to make the best use of the talents and talents.

4. Be strict with yourself and take the interests of the company as the first goal

Self-control is the embodiment of the overall quality of the individual. The company requires employees

to act in strict accordance with the rules and regulations, carry forward the spirit of "perseverance,

courage and pioneering" and establish the value of dedication.

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